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Streamline your workflow with time tracking software

'Time is money'; the adage is old but still relevant in today's world where a small amount of time has to managed between lots of projects and people. Time Tracker software, which are project management web applications, make it easier for admins to manage projects as such software help them track employees, capture screenshots of relevant information and share them with clients as well as team members. You can keep a tab on all your work from your desktop. The desktop application can be used to analyze profitability reports by tracking billable and non-billable tasks.

Talygen allows you to store and save time entries, and even manage and log various tasks at any time of the day. You can access and analyze all the information that has been logged into the system. It enables you to oversee tasks at various levels. From the Dashboard, the user can quickly oversee the critical information on performance, progress and time spent on billable/non-billable tasks on a single page. User-friendly features are customizable as per need. You can also download reports based on different parameters like task or team or even profitability. Reporting can be done to colleagues and even to clients to keep work running without hiccups. Performance statistics are designed to enable reviewing at a quick glance.

Using Talygen's turnkey services you can evaluate the scheduled beginning and end of projects, manage Milestones to monitor project advancement, assess, export and print documents/reports/spreadsheet more effectively. You can monitor your team member's contribution to the work not just on a timely basis. Talygen helps you meet targets by dividing a project into appropriate tasks. The Task List enables you to combine such different tasks within a single project.

You can capture screenshots to share real-time updates with your customer and attain genuine customer satisfaction while warranting that your team stays motivated. Talygen goes a step further by providing your client access to the Client Control Panel, an interface from which the latter can view progress as well as interact and share files with the concerned team via a Message Board. The software also provides advanced sharing options so as to maintain history of the same. The Message Board also allows you to interact with your team.

All in all Talygen provides a user-friendly interface on your desktop. Also offered is a mobile application tracking service which is accessible from any Android smartphone and iPhone. It is the complete time tracking software to manage project to bolster productivity of any organization.