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Propel your business sales through Time Tracking

A time tracking application helps in increasing your business productivity by showing you exactly where all your time was spent and let you identify the areas where you can be more efficient and save your time.

A time tracking application is absolutely necessary for freelancers, business owners and employees for keeping tab on spent time and preparing reports. Your business profitability depends on how accurately you track your time. It is important to use an application that can help you easily enter all of your billable as well as non-billable time. Besides, a time tracking application with mobile version can offer you an added benefit as you can track your time usage remotely.

Types of Time Tracking Applications:

Desktop Time Tracking Applications - This type of time tracking software gets downloaded and installed on your desktop system. These applications are often compatible with other programs installed on your system. Some of these applications are intelligent enough to track whatever you are doing on your system. Talygen’s desktop software pushes all entries to the cloud so all data is safe and updated.

Web-Based Time Tracking Applications - These are Web 2.0 time tracking applications which generally come integrated with invoicing and billing systems as an additional feature. Web-based time tracking services offer cloud based computing platform making your information accessible from multiple types of devices, and from anywhere.

Mobile Time Tracking Applications - These are mobile applications which let you track your time on the go. Mobile time tracking applications help you keep an accurate log of your work activities wherever you are. They work in conjunction with web-based time tracking applications which are online cloud based.

Talygen is one such time tracking application offering all of the above features at an affordable price. Take a free trial of Talygen today!