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Managing Staff Remotely

In this world of outsourcing and global teams it is a challenge to manage staff and offshore workers who are working remotely.

While there are services that offer screen sharing, document or file sharing, remote meetings and virtual video conferencing, professionals are hard pressed to find a one stop shop where they can effectively communicate with their offshore team, share documents and also track team progress.

Talygen, offers a comprehensive set of features that can help a company manage their resources, communicate with clients and share documents.

The Dashboard

When you login the dashboard presents you with the various updates that have happened including any new projects or users that have been added as well as any fresh messages that have been posted for you. It also gives stats on currently active projects and what the users are doing. The statistics are displayed in easy to understand graphic formats.

Managing projects

Talygen allows you to add various projects details, including the channel from where the project was won, duration of the project, various project documents, set-up milestones, teams and allocate work.

Employee data

You can add all the details of current employees including departments, shifts, link them to projects and allocate tasks to your employees, with planned hours.

Time tracking

Your remote team can track time against the project and tasks assigned to them using the simple and easy to use interface that Talygen offers.

Screenshot feature

The desktop application's screenshot feature is a great option for keeping a track on what your remote workforce is doing. It can also act as evidence for you to submit to a client for billing.

Message board

The message board functionality is a great way for inter-team communication and communication with client. It allows you to keep a history on the discussions on the project and also is a great way to interact and document client dialogue.

File sharing

The file sharing feature allows the team to share and access documents within the team and also with the client, with a versioning system option it is a great tool and helps a lot in keeping all the documents related to a project at a single safe and secure location. The in-built versioning system adds that extra professional touch and flexibility.

With all these advanced features and more on offer, Talygen stands out as a true business solution from the multitude of time tracking and project management applications available today.

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