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Looking for a Web-Based Time Tracker? Talygen is the Answer.

If you are looking for a web-based time tracker, you need not look further than Talygen. It is the best web-based time tracker available in the market and has all the features you can ask for. It is a perfect and all-in-one solution to all your time tracking needs. Below are some of the features that make Talygen stand apart from its competitors.

Very Easy to Install and Use - It is extremely easy to install and use. It′s like a plug-and-play software that does not need any expert to install it. Moreover, it does not require anything more than a standard web browser along with an internet connection to get going. As it is web-based, it starts to function immediately after registration. It is also very easy to use and can be accessed via iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, and even a desktop.

It is Accurate - This time tracker tool is absolutely precise. The tracker synchronizes accurately with the cloud-based time clock, thereby providing accurate, foolproof reports.

Tracks Projects, Employees, Clients Immaculately - The application is capable of tracking projects, subprojects, employees, clients, etc.

Generates Customized Reports - The web-based application is capable of generating customized reports, including attendance, payroll, client invoices, etc. - all within minutes. It is very useful for project managers and HR personnel, for it saves their time and efforts.

It has many other features that make it the favorite web-based time tracking solution in the market. Time and again, it has been appreciated by project managers from for its user-friendliness and effectiveness. It is truly a great web-based time tracking software solution for any kind, size of business.

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