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Talygen launched its Time Tracking App for Windows 8

The smartphone app market is flooded with apps that boast of their usability, smart features and accessibility. Where in Android you have endless options available, we all know that the Windows phone user has been facing some challenges given the fact that Windows 8 based smartphones are just above the entry level in the smartphone markets as compared to Android and iPhone, and therefore fewer options available for their users.

Talygen has recently launched their time tracking app for Windows 8 phones. When installed in a Windows phone it acts as a time tracker through which you can keep a track of the time spent on a task. This is an extremely beneficial time tracking app for Window 8 phone users who charge their clients on hourly basis.

The plus point of the Talygen time tracking app is that it is easy to install and use. Once you install the app, it acts as a Windows phone time tracker tool. You just need to create an account on Talygen and every entry related to the user account is registered in the tool and through this, you can pull the data of the user logged in under that account with the entries made by them.

Using the Talygen web app, you can pull the user data clocked using the Windows Phone app and transfer it on to a PDF or excel files. You will get accurate reports for each entry as and when registered in the Talygen time tracking app, every activity of the user is recorded such as edit, delete, pause and resume.

Moreover, we have designed this app to be more user friendly and least hassle free for the users. Windows 8 phone tracker tool gives you an advantage to track time based on various projects to keep a better track of task distribution. Using the web app you can create accounts like clients, projects, teams, tasks etc. for the better segregation of the tracking reports.

Not only you can track the billable time for your employees and clients but it also enables you to do multi tasking while you are pulling the details. This means, when you are accessing other apps on your Windows 8 smartphone or doing other work, the time tracking app will be registering entries simultaneously.

Our new time tracking app for Windows 8 is a boon to an individual or small business owner through which the crucial task of time tracking can be accomplished in simplest way.

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