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Talygen gets credibility with Softpedia Certification

Softpedia is an encyclopedia for the software products. It is an accomplished software website in the industry known to feature only the quality software products. It has more than 500000 trials and trial-before-buy software programs, updates on phones, games and latest ventures in software industry.

Talygen gets Softpedia certification
Getting registration on Softpedia is an achievement because Softpedia has teams of experts that first itself install, test and work with and assess the usability of applications and softwares and then register and share the reviews with millions of users worldwide. Talygen time tracking software is registered with Softpedia list of the time tracking apps and it has received rave ratings on the websites from the registered users.

Softpedia is a website that offers genuine reviews, catalogs for the latest software lunched in market. It also has all the software versions, the drivers, games for the PCs and smartphone users. It is known for its extensive research based reviews and providing the latest industry news.

Get the most of a time tracking software
Talygen offers most of a time tracking software in a most simplistic manner. You get the manual from dashboard that shows off the necessary details at a comfortable glance. It can be used for multiple projects at a single time and that too for different teammates or clients. Easy segregation for various clients with information regarding the different projects classified. Talygen time tracking software system captures the details of every activity after a user is logged in like pause, save time entries, manage billable and non-billable tasks.

Talygen tracking software allows Multi-tasking in the tool
Tracking Employees time and monitoring the project progress can be tedious task, if done manually. Time tracking software products offer wonderful solutions to the freelance workers and business owners who needs to invoice their business and employee on hourly basis. Time tracking software is excellent to manage your time between different projects to track the performance of teammates. With windows 8 phone, you can track the office productivity even when you are not in office.

In case you are outdoors, this serves as an excellent attendance tracker as the Talygen online time tracking tool allows you to login using a web, desktop and mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows phones anytime. Talygen Time Tracking Software is tenacious software that offers almost one stop tracking solution for the business owners. It is an intelligent business tool not only records and saves the data of your employees but also allows you multitasking within the tool.

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