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Talygen Launched Updated Android App with new Looks

Talygen, the popular time tracking software, makes its way into the Android world. Good news for all the Android users out there. They can now visit the Play store and download the updated time tracking Android app from the store. This Android time tracker has been revamped and updated to include some new features giving it more functionality and also an aesthetic overhaul along the way.

The time tracking software was initially available for the popular desktop OS’s such as Windows and Mac. It recently made its debut in the mobile world starting with Apples IOS and is now available for Android and Blackberry as well.

The Talygen Android time tracking app allows you to keep track of your employees. You can easily monitor what each employee is doing. It integrates certain features which makes the use of this app more efficient and saves time. One can directly bill their clients matching them with the time spent on a particular project. This helps in accountability and reduces any chances of disputes as well. The interface is designed keeping simplicity in mind and thus the app gives the user the flexibility to choose his/her own view.

The application is quite reliable and has earned accreditation from various sources. This makes the app a popular choice among users who wish to have a handy time tracking application.

The Android application comes with a free trial for first time users who wish to try out before making a purchase. The plans are quite affordable and make the application all the while more worth its money.

Some of the new features that are implemented in the Android time tracking app include the ability to pause time tracking on a certain project. Also the user can continue the time tracking from the moment he/she paused giving the app more flexibility. One can check the previous entries, this is especially important as it serves as a digital record log which one can refer to in the time of dispute. Other note-worthy features included the ability to mark a certain project billable or non-billable. This gives the power to prioritize tasks. One can also edit the descriptions of the task so that they are clearer or they can alter the task altogether if they want.

All in all this Talygen time tracking app for Android is a must have for all project managers, who have an android device.

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