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The New Face of Project Management

With the steady growth of computers, outsourcing of jobs has soared to the skies. Now, there are thousands of outsourcing companies with their respective teams, who are either home-based or office-based. The underlying problem in having a team of workers is monitoring their progress. Emailing, chatting, or talking on the phone just doesn’t give you the assurance that they are on top of things. They leave you wondering and questioning your own judgment. This is one of the hardest things an employer endures from outsourcing.

The good thing is that problems aren't usually left unanswered. Software have been developed to combat this issue, and one that made its mark is Talygen. It makes management of the project a breeze through its distinctive features.

Talygen starts off with a user friendly dashboard that gives employers easy access to vital information. All the projects can also be managed in one area, making it easier to have multiple projects up at the same time. Talygen also allows you to plan the hours and tasks for each employee. Through Talygen’s screenshot and time tracking feature, you can keep a track on the time spent and the progress made. Employers can now determine the productivity of their employees, and whether they are still fit for the company. After everything is done you can view the reports and then plan for the costing. Some additional bonuses included in the software are the document storage and sharing, expense tracking, invoicing, human resource management, CRM and the message board feature. These are pretty important when having a team working for you.

The features packed in this amazing software cannot be surpassed, and even then, it is offered at extremely affordable monthly rates. Starting at $9.99 a month for individuals up to $49.99 for bigger corporations, this is a steal. You can never go wrong with a software like this, so hurry up and grab your copy now.

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