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Get the Accurate Invoicing with the new Client Login Feature of Talygen

Talygen is an intelligent employee time tracking solution that helps business owners and administrators to keep a check on the employees, breaking the barriers of physical presence. You can track their progress anywhere and anytime online.

Track project reports and progress
Talygen is an excellent online tool to track project progress for entrepreneurs and freelance workers that gives an intrinsic overview into the real time project progress, project owner and the time they have been active to calculate the laboring hours to bill them accordingly.

If you want to track project progress that you have outsourced or want to track your own performance, this is an apt online tool for you to dwell on. You can get a hold of all the teammates or clients and check different projects assigned to different employees and at a single time without any effort. Everything is recorded on Talygen’s business intelligence time tracking solution. It records the user's activity even if you are offline.

Capture the screenshots for project progress
If you are looking to compare the project progress and want to prepare a detailed report or need to share the performance with your clients, you can take screenshots of the project page to track project progress and employee time tracking. It allows better work force management for the business as you can capture the screenshots of the work diary during varied intervals and keep it for reference. This will capture the necessary details including the project name, project owner, client info their hour spend on the project that concludes to billable working hours.

Message Board on Talygen
Talygen has also a message board feature enabled to let you talk to your clients as well as employees or team entitled to the project and to communicate with them effectively. This simplifies things a lot and you can keep a track of the conversation details with the help of date tracker.

Upload files to share
You can upload a file and share documents with your team and clients to update them about the project. The process is simplified in Talygen time tracking tool as you can keep a version of the documents sent as varied time intervals.

Time tracking tool works really well for people who stay online and work on computers. Apart from employers, it is beneficial for employees as well, as they can track their own performance and work on improvising their performance accordingly.

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