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Advantages of Cloud Based Time Tracking

Let us first start with understanding what does the term "Cloud" mean in terms of computers and internet. Cloud computing means that data is managed, accessed and stored on remote servers which are accessible through the internet, rather than a locally hosted solution.

So basically all the data is available on online servers which are secured using security protocols like SSL i.e. secure socket layer, such a connection sends and receives data in encrypted format, so the data cannot be accessed by anyone for whom it is not meant for.

SAAS i.e. Software as a Service is also a terminology which is used for certain cloud based applications, where in the application is hosted by a vendor or service provider on a online server and made available to customers over the internet.

Following are some of the major advantages of a cloud or SAAS based time tracking solution.

  1. As data is stored online it can be accessed from various locations and through various means. Like you can access your time based entries via a browser whether you’re in sitting in your home in California or if you’re on a business trip in Germany and sitting at the airport in a cyber café, so global accessibility.

  2. Accessibility can be cross platform i.e. applications created for various desktop, web or mobile platforms can access the same data in real time. So if a remote team member is tracking time using a desktop app in India, his Project Manager sitting in San Jose can track his time entries in real time.

  3. Being a SAAS application you always get automatic updates and patches.

  4. Compatibility in the sense that all users have the same version of the software, therefore there are no compatibility issues.

  5. Data security as your data is stored online, if your computer’s hard disk fails, your laptop or mobile is stolen, you need not worry about losing your information as all your data is stored online on secure servers.
The above points clearly convey that the future is cloud based and as  Talygen is a SAAS based application you get all the above benefits, when you use it to track your projects

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